• War Through The Lens by Dan Conlin

War Through the Lens tells the story of the most daring filmmakers in the short history of Canada’s motion picture industry, the 50 cameramen who filmed Canadians in battle during World War Two. They belonged to the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit and often scooped their British and American allies with the first and, in many cases, the most memorable footage of the war’s crucial battles in Europe. They produced a legacy of images which continue to shape the depiction of the war today. The cost of their work was high. Before the guns were stilled, nearly a third of them became casualties.

This book explores the Unit’s experience by means of first-person accounts combined with rare and dramatic photographic images of Canada at war. War Through the Lens provides both compelling personal stories and important insights about how these men and women shaped our perception of Canadians in battle.

War Through The Lens by Dan Conlin

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